The administrative and operations manager of Kumasi Asante kotoko Emmanuel Newton Dasoberi has indicated that the club Asante Kotoko do not know what Betpawa will do with the mobile numbers of their players beside paying their locker room bonus to them, hence their refusal to submit the mobile numbers of their players to the company for the payment of the supposed locker-room bonus.

The sponsorship package for the 2022/2023 season of the Premier League in Ghana included an undisclosed amount of locker-room winning bonus, to be paid by the sponsor of the league being Betpawa, a betting company in Ghana.

According to Mr Newton Dasoberi, when the request was made by the Ghana Football Association for Kumasi Asante Kotoko to submit the mobile money numbers of their players for forward submission to betpawa company, for the payment of the supposed locker-room bonus, the management of Asante Kotoko told GFA that it was ethically wrong for betpawa to have access to the mobile Money numbers the players of Asante Kotoko.

‘We deem it ethically wrong and still stand by it because that would amount to third party dealings’ Mr. Dasoberi said.

‘Our players do not have contract with betpawa so on what basis should we give their numbers to a betting company, and not know what they will do with the numbers apart from the supposed payment of locker room bonuses? He quizzed.

He further explained that the GFA and Betpawa insisted that the club should submit the numbers of their players get them so they wrote back to the GFA that they should keep the winning bonus of their players and transfer it to the account of the club at the end of the season for onward disbursement to players.

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