The cost of supplementary re-sit Examination in the University of Ghana have been increased by 185% by the  Academic Affairs of the most prestigious University in Ghana.

Re-sit is a special Examination that is written by students who have already failed a course that they took in the previous semester.

Initially, the cost of a a re-sit Paper was 105 cedis, however, it has been increased to a whooping 300 cedis in the beginning of the new Academic year.

However, the Academic Affairs took this decision  without the consultation of students leadership.

A communique issued by members of the S.R.C reads ‘ the increment in the supplementary re-sit fees to 300 cedis per failed paper as most of you were seeing on your portals today when you tried registering is unfortunately TRUE, that’s the right figure. It seems the Academic Affairs Directorate took this decision last year without the general students populace being informed. As we delve into this matter to have our questions answered and possibly fight for a decrement, remain calm and wish us all the best. It’s being a sad time in UG seeing everything increased most without our inputs or knowledge. Hopefully, this gets resolved by today or tomorrow so we know the way forward before the portal is closed ‘

This implies that, if a student have five resit papers, she will be paying up to 1500 cedis.

By Big ken

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