Golden Tulip hotel is a leading name in the hospitality industry in Ghana. It is known for it’s pleasurable and serene environment which makes it conducive for many travellers and indegenes to visit the place for relaxation and comfort.

Information reaching indicates that Golden Tulip has been leased to some lebanese for an unknown period. This information was given by the politician Akwasi Addai Odike who is very much disappointed in the current administration of Ghana for leasing such a reputable hospitality company to foreign naltionals for just $3million.

‘If the authorities would have consulted Despite and other Kumasi guys who are rich, we could have mobilize more than enough amount of money to manage the Golden Tulip hotel”, Mr. Odike said.

‘Even some local banks that I know would have given me money to acquire the establishment if i had being cousulted. He further said.
As of today, renovation woek have started and the name of the instituion has being changed into Lancaster Hotel to indicate that, the hotel is in new leadership and administration.

Mr. Odike further said that the hotel is partly owned by the government and the Asanteman Council and hence he can boldly point out who has leased the Golden Tulip hotel for foreign nationals.


By Big ken

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