A 31 years old Mason has being brutally beaten in the Efigya Kwabere South by a task force of the Assembly who have being disguised as military men. The Mason has being brutally beaten and has even got problem on his eye as a result of the beaten. On Wednesday 15th June, Omanhene Adu Boakye of Sompa Fm interviewed a lot of people from Kodie, the capital of district and they gave shocking revelation on the issues that have being happening in the district. Prominent among them was one Mr. Fofie who is an immediate past assembly member of Kodie. He said that the issues of land and how  the assembly have being worrying landlords should be attributed to odeneho Kwaku Appiah.
He futher explained that the former Chairman of the NPP and some party leaders including the MP for the constutuency have being supporting the D.C.E who is behind all these brutalities, therefore the D.C.E Hon. Adu Poku feels he cannot be touched and has being violent and using rough tactics at construction sites to harass people.
Also an Assembly Member of Brofoyedru in the Afigya Kwabere South constituency responded that the military uniforms that the soldiers worn in the video is that of Tanzania not Ghana, so we cannot conclude that they are soldiers. Also he said the young man beaten was resisting the operation of the task force that is why he was beaten and hence it was justiifed. A report indicate that the police have launched and investigation into the matter.

By Big ken

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