The District Chief Executive of the Bosome Freho constituency has slammed his inhabitants that they are not seeing him because he is dead.
Hon Yaw Danso who is the D.C.E was interviewed by a reporter from obuasi TV and the reporter questioned him that the natives of his constituency are complaining that they have not being seeing him. To the surprise of everyone, the Honourable Yaw Danso said he is dead that is why they are not seeing him, such a disappointing statement from the D.C.E . Rumours have it that the Assembly Members upon hearing this news are very upset with the D C.E and it may trigger a vote of no confidence in the D.C.E in their subsequent siting. There have been mass disapproval of the D.C.E ranging from his own party members to the general populace of the constituency.  This is due to many issues relating to the temperament of the D.C.E and his poor performance that have kept the District underdeveloped up to this point? Afriklick will keep you updated on any development that may arise from this event.

By Big ken

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