An anonymous respondent looks unperturbed about the outbreak of Monkey pox in Ghana. Monkey pox, an infection caused by virus was first detected in a colony of monkeys in the year 1958. The first human case of monkey pox was detected in DR Congo in the year 1970.

After the damages corona Virus has done to the world, another pandemic seemingly is looming around, even though less potent than the former. The Ghana health service has confirmed 5 cases of monkey pox from a total 12 suspected samples. The regions involve currently include Greater Accra, Eastern and Western. However the strain of the monkey virus that is spreading is a less potent strain from West Africa as compared to it’s stronger strain for Central Afrca. Basically it is spread through sexual intercourse and the highest people at risk are gay people. As typical Ghanaians, most people look unconcerned and an interview with a section of the population has confirmed that. An anonymous respondent said, ‘am not a monkey to be worried about monkeypox’. However we should all be worried as we are sitting on time bombs and it can escalate anytime. We pray against that.

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